The SpearForge Initiative

SpearForge is a Montreal based technological think-tank and software development powerhouse specializing in conceptualization and implementation of technologies that power some of the most trafficked websites and web-based applications on the market.

Through heavy investments in its core Experimental Research and Development branches, The SpearForge Initiative has been able to successfully capitalize on multiple technologies that have emerged as a direct product of years of design and development with various implementations ranging from social networking to medical, defense and government sectors.

With emphasis on scalability, adaptability and seamless deployment, SpearForge's extensive line of products is concentrated in n-tiered, hived and distributed infrastructures, multi-million user driven collectives, intelligent application layers, LDBs/VLDBs, and human communications - including advanced email delivery appliances and solutions.

Our mission is to discover and conquer, adapt and subvert, nurture and assimilate the latest technological developments and discoveries in all aspects of Internet phenomena and its derivatives.

Our goal is to bring innovative and bleeding edge technologies and scientific advancements to other business entities or directly to consumers.

Our time is today.

SpearForge is an avid observer of the OpenSource community and its efforts.